Jason A.

Banning, CA
"Fantastic very friendly guy Eli was and come to find out we go to the same church here in town just different service. Honest as then come and very reliable his inspection report saved me $15,000 off the total price of my house I couldn't be happier Thanks a Bunch Dunkle Home Inspections!" AMEN!


Sarah G.
Beaumont, CA

"Eli and his Family is awesome !!! Very honest Christian Family Guy, he sent me my inspection report in the email same day within 4 hours after the inspection was done. I couldn't believe it super fast report time's, he's not the cheapest guy out there but let's get real do you really want your home inspection done by the lowest bidder. I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for the right home inspector."

Bringing Smiles to Families one Inspection at a time!

 Tobias M.
 Beaumont, CA

"When having a house inspected I will choose Dunkle each time. Eli is professional and very respectful.  Eli had everything done same day I couldn't ask for more. Eli helped make the process be a lot easier one fantastic home inspector."

John W.
Banning, CA

"These guys are great would recommend to anyone I know. They are very professional home inspectors and they know there stuff, when Dunkle home inspector came out to service the house I was going to buy they saved me a lot of money. I had no idea of all the things that needed to be fixed with the house that you would have not see yourself. Love these guys they're sure good people."


  Jeremy S.
   Rockbridge, OH

"I had the opportunity to meet Eli while visiting my son and daughter in law in Beaumont CA. He was able to assist them in getting their home inspection done quickly and thoroughly. They couldn't have asked for a better person for the job. Great service and professional inspector!"

Sunnya W.
Palm Springs, CA

"Eli is the man! I felt secure with his knowledge of home inspecting and he was very thorough and personable. I had question's he had answer's I'm so glad I didn't go with the cheapest inspection price out there, well worth the money I would definitely recommend him to friends and family Thanks a Million Eli."

Sean N.
Banning, CA

"This company went above and beyond 5 stars all the way. If your thinking of anyone else stop looking now this family inspection business takes care of their customers, they will get all my future business from now on
thanks a mill Eli."