What is the New The California Pool Safety Act and How does this affect me Buying or Selling a House?

"Well As of January 1, 2018, Any Newly permitted California Pool Owners will need to install at least 2 of the following safety measures with any NEW or REMODELED Permitted pool" Previously it was and still is anything built with a pool between 1998-2018 will still need to have at least 1 of the following safety devices below. "If you have a pool built before 1998 then you are grandfathered in and no safety devices are required"

When a building permit is issued for the construction of a new swimming pool or spa or the remodeling of an existing swimming pool or spa at a private single-family home, the respective swimming pool or spa shall be equipped with at least two of the following seven drowning prevention safety features:

(1) An enclosure that meets the requirements of Section 115923 and isolates the swimming pool or spa from the private single-family home.

(2)Removable mesh fencing that meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Specifications F2286 standards in conjunction with a gate that is self-closing and self-latching and can accommodate a key lockable device.

(3) An approved safety pool cover, as defined in subdivision (d) of Section 115921.

(4) Exit alarms on the private single-family home’s doors that provide direct access to the swimming pool or spa. The exit alarm may cause either an alarm noise or a verbal warning, such as a repeating notification that “the door to the pool is open.”

A self-closing, self-latching device with a release mechanism placed no lower than 54 inches above the floor on the private single-family home’s doors providing direct access to the swimming pool or spa.

(6) An alarm that, when placed in a swimming pool or spa, will sound upon detection of accidental or unauthorized entrance into the water. The alarm shall meet and be independently certified to the ASTM Standard F2208 “Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms,” which includes surface motion, pressure, sonar, laser, and infrared type alarms. A swimming protection alarm feature designed for individual use, including an alarm attached to a child that sounds when the child exceeds a certain distance or becomes submerged in water, is not a qualifying drowning prevention safety feature.

(7)Other means of protection, if the degree of protection afforded is equal to or greater than that afforded by any of the features set forth above and has been independently verified by an approved testing laboratory as meeting standards for those features established by the ASTM or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

I don't understand this new Jan 1st 2018 pool safety law, I'm a Buyer/Realtor getting ready to buy a house so who's responsibilty is it to make sure the house is up to pool safety code?

Ok this law made real simple so who ever owns the house at the time has to have 2 means of safety devices installed as mentioned in red above section. Remember keep in mind this only apply's to  Any NEW or REMODELED PERMITTED POOLS AFTER JAN. 1st 2018.

How long will my Inspection take?

The Average smaller Inspections around 1000-2000 square foot take around 2 hours or less.  And the larger ones 4000 square foot+ is around 3hrs+

When will I receive my Inspection Report?

You will receive your inspection report Same day usually within 4-8 hours after Inspector leaves the job site depending on the traffic.

Does your Staff or Inspector's speak any other language's?

Unfortunately we do not, English only so make sure there is a Realtor/Family/Friend member is there for the inspection appointment time to translate.

Are you a Franchise or Corporate Company?

No we are not we are Family Owned.

Do you price Match other Inspection Company Rate's/Price's?

Sorry we do not, their are company's out there that do and I would be leary of these Type of Inspection companies. You can spot them a mile away usually they are at the top of the search engine's under AD's. Trying there best to lure you in with the best lowest price BLAH BLAH, we call these company's POP UP company's reason being they last a couple of year's and BAM they are gone and out of business BUYER BEWARE of those $99.00 -$199.99 Deal's go with your gut feeling. Keep this in mind there is NO Accounting for Experience, kinda goes like that old saying you get what you pay for.

Do I have to be there for the Inspection?

No you Do not have to be there, but we do need someone to sign the Invoice Authorization and to let us in the House also last but not least collect Payment whether it is Cash/Check or Pay Pal if you are out of state we only take Pay Pal unless the your Realtor pays the Inspection on site and then at that point we can proceed.  All payments are made before we start.

What forms of Payments do you accept?

We only Accept Cash/Check/Pay Pal/ Cash is perferred!

What if I don't have a Pay Pal Account? Can I pay with my Debit/Credit Card?

Yes you can but we still Process your Debit/Credit Cards through Pay Pal Processing.  How it works is we send a money request straight to your smart Phone via text or your Email and once you receive it just follow the prompts pay through the link and your done we text you back once payment is received.  Also All Pay Pal Payment's have to be paid ahead of time before inspection date, if you decide to pay cash/check we'll just collect that when we meet you at the Home Inspection Site.  All payments are due before we start the Inspection.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the Industry since 1990.  And we are currently are the longest running Home Inspection Service in the Inland Empire.

How many Inspection's has Dunkle Home Inspection's completed?

I'm proud to say we just hit over 50,000+ Residential/Commercial Combined Inspection's.

Are you Certified? 

Yes we are Certified through FIA Inspections Academy and we currently Have a CMI which stands for Certified Master Inspector. And in order to receive this CMI you have to have done over 1000+ Inspections and have had a criminal back ground and have been in business over 3yrs+

Are you licensed?

Yes we are Licensed Bonded and Insured

# 16-CA01348

What Cities and Counties do you Cover?

We cover pretty much all of the Inland Empire and Riverside/San Bernardino Counties. (WE NO LONGER SERVICE ) Needles-Blyth-Barstow-Anza-Idyllwild and Poppet Flats-Big Bear-Lake Arrowhead area's also we stop servicing LA/Orange/San Diego Counties And NO out of State or Country Inspections!

How much do you charge for a Inspection?

Each Inspection price varies on square footage refer to Rate Section above.

Does Dunkle Home Inspection's add new information to the report after the Inspection has been done? Example: The buyer is given a Full Disclosure in writing that they're was a flood or Fire Claim/Damage?

No we do not add to the report or Re-inspect after the fact reason being these issue's must be visible at the time of the inspection and what's to say the underlined issue's in the disclosure wasn't fixed. Also we only report what we can see visually meaning we don't cut holes or probe walls looking for damage. You can ask the seller to provide you with the repair/clean-up of the damage claim and call the company that provided the work they always can give you a warranty incase of future problems that may arise.

Do you Inspect Commercial /Industrial Buildings and is there a difference in Pricing verse's Residential?

Yes we do.  And no the pricing per Square foot is the same.

Do you charge Extra for Pools/ Spa's?

No we do not they are included in the price, however if the pool/spa doesn't have water in them before inspection appointment time we can't inspect them and will list on the report unable to test. So make sure they have power and water for inspection.

Do you Inspect other Buildings on the property?  And are they included in the price quote?

Yes we do so as long as they are Permanent Structures on the Property, and yes they are included in the price quote so whatever  Zillow/Truila/ & Redfin's square footage says as far as square footage on the property we go off that.  However we don't inspect temporary structure's like Vehicle RV's parked on the property and or Tuff Shed's/Lawn Equipment Storage Unit's/RV Cover's Kids Play Equipment/Dog/Any Animal Kennel's etc...

Will you do an Inspection if the utilities are not on?

Yes we can, We will just list on the Inspection Report unable to test.

Do you Inspect Solar Panels?

No we do not reason being these system's are tied into the Main off Street Power grid and the Original Installation Companies don't want us touching them since all of they're equipment is leased to the next home owner that move's in, also this is a huge liability for Home Inspector's if something goes wrong. Only have the Original Installation Company peform Check ups./Maintenance.

If the House is Occupied and Furnished at the time of the Inspection do you move item's to test outlets and appliance's?

No we do not because of Liability reason's so make sure the Electrical Outlet's/Fixture's/Doorway's/Hallways and or Appliance's are accessible Including Kennel Pet run area's that may include:  Main Electrical Panel's/Hotwater Tank's/AC & Heating Units on the side of the home and or Backyard's/Garage Area's.  Also make that their are NO pad locks on gates and or Main Electrical Panel's all of these area's must be accessible at the time of the Inspection. If they are not accessible at the time of the Inspection we will just list on the report Unable to test.

Do you come back to re-inspect after the Inspection has already been done and or utilities are on after the fact?

No we do not reason being is that would tie up existing customer inspection appointment times and that wouldn't be fair to the other customers waiting to get they're homes inspected.

Do you come back out to Re-Inspect after the repairs have been done by a Contractor-Plumber-HVAC Tech-Electrician and or seller or Handy Man?

No we don't do any re-inspections reason being is that we cannot be liable for the work of others.

Do we recommend Contractors or Handymen?

No we don't reason being is because this can turn into a conflict of interest.

Do you do Radon/Asbestos/Mold testing?

No we do not reason being we can't charge the customer $100.00+ for a simple do it yourself $5.00 kit anyone can buy at Home Depot/Lowe's, but their are Inspector's that still do it I just don't know how they sleep at night ripping off customer's.

Do you look at the Underground septic system?

No we do not reason being is because this system is underground and to get a proper condition assessment it needs to be tested by a company that specializes in that alone as the same as a seperate termite inspection report that is usually done while still in escrow. You should always have your septic tank tested every 4-5 years for an average family of five.

Can we tell a customer if something is up to state code in they're Home/Business?

No we can not, if something doesn't look right we always will make a suggestion on the Inspection report to check with they're Local City and or County for Building/Land Code violations.  Example:  Say the property looks to have a Garage converted into a additional bedroom and it wasn't permitted, once escrow close's and the property is in your name then the NON-Permitted room addition is now your problem, whether the room violation is on the inspection report or not  (WE AS INSPECTORS CAN'T ENFORCE CODE VIOLATION'S)  So keep this in mind while you are still in escrow check with the local city building code enforcement because in the end it is the buyer's responsibility not the Home Inspector.

I'm a renter and I'm having Problems with Mold/Asbestos/Lead Paint in my home and my Landlord won't fix the problem can you help?

The only thing we can suggest is to call Health Department in your City/County there are laws out there to protect families.

Do you Turn on the Main Power Breaker Switches on the side of the Garage And or Gas/Water Main's to the House if they are in the off position's?

No we do not reason being is because there could be a very good reason why it is in the off position, could be a possible live wire on the inside of the home and that could be a major safety hazard also same with the Water/Gas there could be a leak and we can't be liable for this.  It's best to have the Gas/Water/Power Company come out to the residence and verify the House has all nesessary Mains on before the inspection appointment just to be on the safe side.

Do you light Gas pilots for Hot Water Heaters and or Wall Heaters?

No we do not reason being is because there could be a very good reason why it isn't lit like a gas leak etc... and  this could be a major safety hazard and we can't be liable for this. However if the Realtor/Buyer/Seller wants to light it on before inspection appointment  starts they would assume responsibility at that point and I would go ahead and inspect the house.

Do you service NACA 3rd Party Inspections?

No we do not.

Do you Inspect Fallout Shelter's/Underground Bunker's/Underground House's? And if so How much do you charge?

Yes we do and the price's are the same in the Rate section under square footage.

Do you Inspect Mobile Homes Single wide Double wide Triple wide and or RV's?

Yes we do Single/Double/Triple's but NOT RV's or Pickup Truck's that have been Converted to Home made RV's.

Do you Inspect Tiny Homes/Tent Trailer's/Tree House's/ House Boat's/Airplane's/Toy Hauler's/Trapper Shack's/Earthship's/Greenhouse's?

No we not.

Are your Inspection Reports Transferable to another customer and or Client/Company?

No they are not they would have to get a brand new inspection for the same property, in other words one inspection for one customer.

Do you use Drones for your Inspection's?

No we do not reason being is because these drones are a HUGE Liability for Home Inspectors/Realtors/Buyers/Sellers etc... Example:  There was a case about a Inspector back on the east coast a few years ago and  What happened was the drone crashed into a person on the property and gashed the head/neck area and the person bled out and died.  So even know the inspector had liablity insurance they still went after him in civil/criminal courts for wrongful death suit needless to say the Inspector is in prison for along time and the Realty Company had to claim  Bankruptcy went out of business and still had to pay restitution.  So to my fellow Realtors/Buyers really think twice about hiring these Inspector companies promoting drone ariel shots of these homes, is the risk worth a fancy overhead shot? We think not that's why we are the longest running Home Inspection business in the Inland Empire, their is no substitute for safety and piece of mind stay safe out there!                         

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