Attn:  Buyers/Sellers and Realtors Make sure the Electric-Gas-Water is all on before appointment is made other wise we can't test any units that require them also any Electrical Main Panel switches on to the home and all gas pilots lit and ready to go for inspection testing, If a Main Electrical Breaker is in the off position and Gas pilot is not lit due to the seller/realtor turning it off we  DO NOT SWITCH THEM ON FOR LIABILITY REASONS AND SAFETY  also if we show up and utilities are not on we still do the scheduled inspection we just list on the report unable to test.  And for Customers asking can we come back and test the ultilities after the inspection has already been done we no longer can do that due to the fact it would tie up existing customer appointments and that wouldn't be fair for everyone else waiting to get they're house inspected so please make sure 100% that the house has ultilities on before the scheduled inspection time thank you very  much!

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